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North Shore, Gold Coast, Western/Northwest/South Suburbs,
City of Chicago

If you decide to have your general moving company move your
exercise equipment (Treadmill,Elliptical,Exercise Bike,Home Gym),
and NOT have an expert in the field (Us or another fitness
equipment co.). It's very important that you have your movers test
out your equipment BEFORE and AFTER they tear down, move,
and reassemble it is in exactly the same condition it was
before they touched it. Remember, we are licensed, bonded, and insured, not to mention...EXERCISE EQUIPMENT (TREADMILL,ELLIPTICAL,EXERCISE BIKE,HOME GYM) IS OUR BUSINESS! So if we mess it up we will fix it! In fact, we will
guarantee that in writing. If you don't hire us please make sure
you get it in writing from your mover!


  • In-State or Out of State (Call for details)
  • Location to Location (Tear down, Load truck, Transport, Set-up)
  • Room to Room ( In the same house)
  • Residential or Commercial


Are you remodeling? Putting a new addition on your house? Need
to store your equipment (Treadmill,Elliptical,Exercise Bike,Home
Gym) temporarily with us because your house is not built yet and
you have sold your current home and need to move to a temporary residence?

  • Make it easy...Store it with us! We will come and get it and
    put it in our storage for as long as you like. When your ready,
    just simply call us and we will bring it to you at your
Check Out Our Tune-up Special!
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